Alfie Lewis and Willow Jenks (Walfie)

Shipped Characters

Willow Jenks
Alfie Lewis

Length of Relationship

Season 3 - Present




Walfie (W/illow and Alfie) is the pairing of Willow Jenks and Alfie Lewis. In one of the promos, Willow walks by Alfie while he is at his locker, and Willow gives him a flirtacious wave while smiling, so Willow may have a crush on Alfie. Also, in the Amber/Alfie/Willow promo, Alfie is shown dropping his books and returning Willow's wave goofily and smiling, showing that Alfie may also have a crush on Willow. A little later, he pretends to not have feelings for her because Jerome but then reveals he has a crush on her after he hugs her. They broke up in House of Hog/House of Defeat  ,because Alfie became a sinner and started to insult her, so he broke up with her and started to flirt with Mara and Joy. They got back together in House Of Heroes when Willow saw the certificate saying Alfie adopted a hedgehog for Willow.

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