Victor Rodenmaar Jr.
Basic Character Information
Gender: Male
Age: 96
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Occupation(s): The Enabler
Aliases: The Enabler
Family & Friends
Family: Victor Rodenmaar Sr.

Robert Frobisher Smythe

Louisa Frobisher Smythe

Sarah Frobsher Smythe

Friends: Caroline Denby

Eric Sweet

Trudy Rehmaann

Relationships: Trudy Rehmaann (One Date)
Enemies: The Students
Other Information
Season(s) Appeared in: 1-3
Series Information
Portrayed By: Francis Magee
Counterparts: Victor Rodenmar (Belgium)

Victor Rodenmaar (Dutch)

Victor Rodenmaar Jr. is the headmaster of Anubis House. He is a grumpy 95-year-old man.


When Victor was younger he was friends with Sarah-Frobisher Smythe but his father thretened to send him away from her if he didnt find where the Cup of Ankh was hidden. Later after his father died in the tunnels Victor was looked after by Rufus' parents along with Sarah after her parents died.

In Season 1, Victor is searching for the Cup of Ankh. He is the leader of a secret society and also is against the Sibunas. He is able to find out Sarah's location and is saddened when she dies. However, he soon gets all the pieces and attempts to make Joy put it together. However, Victor's plan fails.

In Season 2, Victor is in search for the Mask of Anubis after hearing a doll message. He searches first for the Book of Isis. However, he finds it but Vera takes it and then Mara finds it. He then continues to search but Rufus and Sibuna get in the way. He is then foiled when Rufus is defeated and sent to the Underworld.

In Season 3. a bit more of Victor's past is revealed. It is revealed Victor is The Great Enabler and must reawaken Robert Frobisher-Smythe. He, Caroline Denby, and Mr. Sweet are able to awaken him with the descendants. However, only Caroline knows but soon Victor finds out. However, Robert turns him into a sinner and Victor is an evil sinner. He is controlled by Robert and attempts to stop the Sibunas. Soon, Robert's plan succeeds but soon fails when Eddie and KT defeat Ammut. Victor is then returned back to normal.


1. The actor of Victor is also the actor of his character's father.

2. Victor is The Great Enabler.