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Frobisher Descendants

The Awakening CeremonyEdit

The awakening ceremony is a cereminy that can be used to break the curse of anubis on someone or just awake someone. It has only been seen in season 3 of house of anubis where Victor, Caroline, Eric, Patricia, Alfie, Joy and Jerome perform it to awake frobisher.


  • The Bracelet Of The God Anubis
  • Descendants Of The Person
  • The Incantation
  • An Eclipse

Order Of CeremonyEdit

  • Insert the bracelet into the front socket of the tank.
  • Join hands with everyone who is doing the ceremony.
  • Walk around the tank chanting Jesse Em Potem (Rise In Peace)
  • If the ceremony works the tank person should wake up.

Ceremonial WordsEdit

  • If you perform when there is no eclipse it wont work.
  • The words are Jesse Em Potem (rise in peace)
  • When Victor, Sweet and Denby had their fake ceremony they used the words Himiny Nevesmechte Gretete.

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