Victor Rodenmaar Jr.Edit

Victor was being greedy while talking to Robert, talking about how they'll become powerful and successful and to scrap Caroline from the plan. Robert then shoves him in the sarcophagus as the sinner of Greed.

Patricia WilliamsonEdit

Patricia was angered when Eddie had messages from another girl, not knowing it was really Caroline that made those fake messages to anger Patricia, and to ruin their relationship to become a sinner and was most likely shoved in the sarcophagus off-screen as the sinner of Jealousy.

Eric SweetEdit

Eric Sweet was being envious about Caroline and Victor having meetings, and was tricked into going to the gatehouse for "lunch", and was most likely shoved to the sarcophagus as the sinner of Spite.

Fabian RutterEdit

Fabian was excited to take over Robert's work, and was pushed into the sarcophagus as the sinner of Pride.

Alfie LewisEdit

Alfie was clever enough to keep his cool until "Plan B" came to action, which was to capture Willow instead. The result of this make Alfie furious and was shoved into the sarcophagus as the sinner of Anger.


  • Victor Rodenmaar-Greed 
  • Patricia Williamson-Jealousy
  • Eric Sweet-Spite
  • Fabian Rutter-Pride
  • Alfie Lewis-Anger
  • School Students-(Turned into by book, no official sin that was commited before "capture")

Actors for SinnersEdit

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