1. Dont violate any rules
  2. Dont remove from pages unless the information is unnecessary
  3. Dont argue with the admins.
  4. Try not to create unnecessary pages.
  5. Dont make violating rules changes to the home page Eg: writing that your an admin. (We will know who did it)
  6. Don't bully people. This includes Racism, Flame, and just being a jerk. Don't throw drinks at other members like Yacker does!
  7. Don't not be mean when someone may have said something incorrectly.
  8. Do not delete pages if you are not in position of an admin.
  9. Don't change episode names around on purpose to misguide people.
  10. Have fun editing, and don't make yourself tired after making a page. "Little by Little" works the best.
  11. Dont change any rules or remove anyone from the admin list.
  12. Do not put innap. links on purpose to misguide people.


  • If a rule is violated you get a warning
  • If another rule is violated you get your 2nd warning.
  • If another rule is violated you get your 3rd and final warning.
  • After that you are banned for a year.
  • If you violate rules after that block it is goodbye wiki.

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