KT Rush
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Basic Character Information
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Occupation(s): Keeper Of The Key
Aliases: Kara Tatiana Rush

Frobishers Granddaughter

Family & Friends
Family: Grandfather Rush

Robert Frobisher Smythe

Friends: Anubis House Residents
Enemies: Caroline Denby

Eric Sweet

Victor Rodenmaar

Other Information
Season(s) Appeared in: Season 3
Series Information
First Appearance: House Of Arrivals/House Of Presents
Last Appearance: The Touchstone Of Ra
Portrayed By: Alexandra Shipp
Counterparts: Charlotte


KT Rush is the main deuteragonist/secondary protagonist of House of Anubis in Season 3.


In Season 3, KT Rush is a new girl sent by her grandfather to stop a great evil. She easily befriends Eddie and becomes a bit creeped out when he seems to stalk her. She has a small crush on him but doesn't ask him out. 

KT is also not trusted by Patrica or Fabian but she soon learns about Eddie and his Osirian powers. However, Fabian warns Eddie not to tell KT about Sibuna. However, when Eddie and KT get more into the mystery she finds out about Sibuna when she and Eddie clash with them.

In the Tank Room, KT pushes Fabian into Robert, or The Sleeper out of anger with his lack of trust. However, they then become good friends. KT finally finds out about Robert being her Great Grandfather. She also begins to suspect that Miss Denby is the great evil that she was sent stop. However, she is proven wrong.

When Robert reawakens evil, KT doesn't believe it and once even went to the Gatehouse. However, her relation to Robert also causes Sibuna to distrust her more when KT's fingerprints are found on the recorder. She, however, was always good. Eventually, Eddie and Fabian find out the truth and attempt to help her. However, Fabian is turned into a sinner along with Alfie.

KT and Eddie are then saved by Harriet along with Willow. However, Willow is turned into a sinner. KT and Eddie are then able to stop the great evil which turns out to be Ammut.


Eddie Miller -Friends and crush (Keddie)

Fabian Rutter -Sibuna/Friends (Kabian)

Patricia Williamson -Sibuna (Katricia)

Amber Millington -Sibuna/Friends/Roomates (Kamber)

Alfie Lewis -Sibuna (Kalfie)