House of Hush/House of Spies/House of Sting/House of Never/House of Forever
Season 1, Episode 56-60
Airdate February 19, 2011
Written by Diane Whitley & Danny Spring
Directed by Tim Hopewell
Full Episode Here
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House of Heavy
House of Hello


Amber receives her first invitation to the prom — a message a her profile from "King Tut." She reckons it's a boy with a thing about Egyptology and worries that this means Fabian. Meanwhile, the Sibuna Gang tries to assemble the Cup. But they find that it is not that simple. Nina and her friends realize that not only is there a Chosen Hour in which the Cup of Ankh may be assembled, but also a Chosen One - the only person who can restore the cup to its former shape and power. But Victor knows this too. And the Chosen Hour is almost upon them. The night of the prom arrives, and Amber still doesn't have a dress. Or a date. Until "King Tut" reveals himself, with a dress. But the Prom is the least of the Sibuna gang's worries as the teachers prepare for the Chosen Hour and Rufus springs his final trap. Joy is captured by her father, Victor and the teachers who order her to assemble the Cup as the Chosen Hour arrives. Meanwhile, a gloating Rufus tells Nina and the Sibuna gang that not even Victor knows the full consequences of drinking from the Cup of Immortality. Joy fails in her attempts to assemble the cup,and she realizes that she isn't the chosen one. Meanwhile while Sibuna escapes Rufus they make it back to the house. When they discover that Nina is the chosen one she builds the cup, only to have it taken away by Rufus. After Rufus drinks from it, he puts it in the fire and leaves. But when Nina was about to leave the house Sarah told her to go back. Nina finds out the cup wasn't destroyed at all. After burying the cup she goes to the dance with Fabian. And they have their first kiss. The camera pans and shows the hidden cup ending season 1.

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