House Of Fronts/House Of Keepers
Season 3, Episode 35-36
Airdate February 1st 2012
Written by Paul Gerstenberger & Diane Whitley
Directed by Gill Wilkinson
Full Episode House of Fronts/House of Keepers
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House of Dead-Ends/House of Webs
House of Hacks/House of Stings


House Of FrontsEdit

Jerome fixes the Armor but wasnt fast enough to get the gem. Joy asks Fabian out to the movies. Vera finds the amulet. Victor gets the Amulet forged. Fabian gets help from Amber. Alfie has ordered pet food. Victor finds it when he recieves the 2 Amulets. Victor decides to use the pet food as a way of sneaking the Amulet back into the dollhouse. Trudy comes into the Library and Vera and Jasper hear her and vera goes to look. Jerome and Alfie find out the goose has eaten the gem.

House Of KeepersEdit

Vera does not discover Trudy in the library. Victor has a full search just to place the fake amulet in the dollhouse. Eddie and Patricia play american football and Patricia looses her Amulet. Joy straightens things out with Fabian about their kiss. Alfie and Jerome successfully hides the goose. Patricia leaves without asking. Someone else finds patricias amulet and picks it up. 


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