House Of Dead-Ends/House Of Webs
Season 3, Episode 33-34
Airdate January 31st 2012
Written by Paul Gerstenberger & Diane Whitley
Directed by Gill Wilkinson
Full Episode House Of Dead-Ends/House Of Webs
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House Of Isis/House Of Curfews
House of Fronts/House of Keepers


House Of Dead-EndsEdit

Nina and Fabian successfully cut the Amulets off Victor. Fabian questions Nina about his question of starting Fabina again. The next morning Sibuna awake early and go to school before Victor wakes up so he doesnt take the Amulets again. Jerome tells Mara about his mission. Victor wakes up and sees the Amulets are missing. Vera says she will find him the "spare amulet". Patricia and Eddie face their first detention task. Nina, Fabian, Amber and Alfie explore the tunnels again. The successfully complete the task.

House Of WebsEdit

The Sibunas face their next task the spider web test. Mara finds the suit of Armor in Mr Sweets office. Patricia goes into her room and once she leaves Vera sarches for the spare amulet she unfortunately finds it at the bottom of Ambers Dollhouse. Alfie creates a distraction for Jerome to get the gem from the suit of armor. Jerome finds it but the suit of armor comes tumbling down.



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