House of Bribes/House of Venom
Season 1, Episode 46-47
Airdate February 14, 2011
Written by Diane Whitley

Danny Spring

Directed by Tim Hopewell
Full Episode Here
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House of Victory
House of Stars


Mara is furious that Mick rigged the school elections so she would win school representative. Nina attends Sarah's funeral and then witnesses a confrontation between Rufus and Victor at the carehome. She hears them mention Joy being the Chosen One. Victor tries to find out how much Nina knows, but she is giving nothing away. Later, she leads an expedition down to the cellar where Sibuna witnesses a meeting of the Secret Society. Meanwhile, Patricia calls Joy to find out if she knows more than she is saying. Sibuna accidently makes a noise and Victor begins to inspect, leaving Sibuna terrified that he'll find them.

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