House Of Tunnels/House Of Goodbye
Season 3, Episode 11-12
Airdate January 16th 2012
Full Episode House Of Tunnels/House Of Goodbye
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House Of Tunnels/House Of Goodbye

Nina, Amber and Fabian sneak back down to the cellar. They enter 1890 on the alcove and it opens revealing an antechamber. They find six amulets with the animals. Ibis, Crocodile, Falcon, Camel, Lion and Spider each representing a tunnel task. The school win the exhibit. Mick decides to go to Australia. They have a party. The sibunas get locked in the antechamber but find a button that re opens the alcove. Mick leaves. The sibunas try to go back to the cellar but there are people in the kitchen. Nina tries to take the cellar key but fails. Everyone goes outside. The sibunas sneak down to the antechamber. Amber pulls a book and goes around on a rotating bookshelf.


  • Nathalia Ramos as Nina Martin
  • Brad Kavanagh as Fabian Rutter
  • Jade Ramsey as Patricia Williamson
  • Ana Mulvoy Ten as Amber Millington
  • Bobby Lockwood as Mick Campbell (last appearance until the season finale)
  • Tasie Dhanraj as Mara Jaffray
  • Eugene Simon as Jerome Clarke
  • Alex Sawyer as Alfie Lewis
  • Klariza Clayton as Joy Mercer
  • Francis Magee as Victor Rodenmaar Jr.

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