House Of Myths/House Of Nightmares
Season 2, Episode 7-8
Airdate January 12th 2012
Full Episode House Of Myths/House Of Nightmares
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House Of Myths/House Of Nightmares

Senkhara leaves a mark on nina. Fabians godfather gives them information on the mark and the mask. Jerome finds fabians love letter to nina. The dollhouse communicates with nina and nina thinks the mask is under the house. Nina becomes jealous of fabian and joy. Alfie passes step 3 in ambers dating book which means they are together. Mara needs to break up with mick so he will go to australia. Mara takes patricias bad advice and acts nerdy around mick and the others. Poppy researches about her father. Nina finds a map underneath the dollhouse. Mr Sweet and Victor are organizing to win an exhibit. 


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