House Of Heartbreaks
Season 3, Episode 36
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Airdate April 4th 2013
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House Of Heartbreak

Eddie tries to get Patricia to remember a lullaby, but it fails. Joy cries about Jerome dumping her, and the reason Jerome dumped her was because he heard about Mara's revenge on him. Fabian and KT come, and Fabian makes it worse. Eddie then gets Patricia's laptop and gets in contact with Piper, and she remembers. Eddie and Piper both say to Patricia when she catches Eddie that it is a surprise. When Alfie finds out that Fabian is a sinner, he rushes to the house to ask Eddie if he saw anything, and he says no. He then rushes to find KT because Fabian is trying to get her to the gatehouse. KT doesn't know who to trust -- Fabian or Alfie! She then runs out and Fabian shows his red eyes to Alfie and says he's never right and that he is the "joke of the group." The Adults then make a party to keep Sibuna from ruining their plans. As KT runs to the gatehouse, Eddie catches her. KT sees Robert behind Eddie and Eddie turns around, seeing Frobisher, ending the episode.


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