In season 3, after Robert is awakened evil, he explains to Caroline that if he collects 5 sinners, then Ammut could walk among the Earth. He also says that he needs an important book containing the incantions that's in Victor's office. Caroline goes into the house and gets it, and bumps into Fabian. Robert reads the incantation. Episodes later, Fabian mentions Caroline getting a book from his office and Alfie says a descripition of Caroline's "boyfriend." Victor goes to the Gatehouse, and discovers that "Harriet" was really Caroline, enraging him. Robert comes and Victor becomes greedy, saying that he and Robert could rule, without Caroline, and Robert leads him to the Tank Room. Robert then shoves Victor into a sarcophagus, as his first sinner -- the sinner of Greed.

Patricia is the second sinner, Mr. Sweet is the third sinner, Fabian is the fourth sinner, and Alfie is the last and final sinners.

There is a total of 5 sinners, however this is not all that is needed to bring Ammut to Earth.

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