Anubis Unlocked
Season 1, 2 and 3, Episode Every Friday After House Of Anubis
Airdate Season 1-Friday After Anubis

Season 2-Friday After Anubis

Season 3-Friday After Anubis

Full Episode Anubis Unlocked
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House Of Anubis Episodes


Alexandra Shipp (Series 3 Only)

Brad Kavanagh

Jade Ramsey

Alex Sawyer

Burkely Duffield (Series 2-3 Only)

Jerome Clarke

Joy Mercer

Willow Jenks (Series 3 Only)

Amber Millington (Series 1-2 and Beginning of Series 3 Only)

Nina Martin (Series 1-2 Only)

Mick Campbell (Series 1 Only)

Paul-Anthony Barber (Beginning and End of a series 3 episode)

Francis Magee

Anubis UnlockedEdit

Anubis Unlocked is a 15 min show that airs after every friday episode of house of anubis. In season 1 it featured 2 United Kingdom Citizens and the house of anubis cast. For season 2 and 3 it was run by the cast.

Season 1Edit

It started with the united kingdom reaidents and they did things like cast unlocked and stuff. Then ended with a clue from a guy in glasses.

Season 2Edit

Season 2 featured the cast and did the same as season 1 except the clue.

Season 3Edit

Season 3  featured the cast and did the same as season 1 and 2 except the clue. Season 3 also started with a cast member in the antechamber.

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